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dear naadam community,

We have a big update for everyone: The $75 Sweater is getting a price increase.

In 2018 we launched a simple yet unprecedented cashmere sweater for $75 – and it took the world by storm. Suddenly cashmere was more affordable, more fun, and more socially conscious than ever before. And it’s only gotten better since then.

After its initial launch, we spent the next five years perfecting The $75 Sweater: we improved the quality of the yarn, implemented better knitting techniques, worked with more sustainable manufacturers, and gave back to herding communities every step of the way. While we’ve always believed it to be more comparable to a $500 cashmere sweater than a $50 one, it’s truer now than ever.

And so, after all these changes and improvements, it’s time for “The $75 Sweater” to get an update, too. In the coming weeks, The Original Cashmere Sweater will (re)launch in new colorways for $98 (with the option to buy multiple and save!).

What will always remain the same is our commitment to people: the herders, communities, and craftspeople who make our products possible, and whose collective benefit drives this decision. The Original Sweater will ensure we maintain the fairest price for all involved – both you and our partners.

Until then, The Essential $75 Sweater will still be available to shop on our site – so there’s never been a better time to stock up.

We are extremely grateful for a community that shares our values for quality, fairness, and transparency.

Thank you for entering this new chapter with us.


shop for $75

shop for $75 shop for $75
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