Naadam Studio was created to express the full potential of our exceptional Mongolian cashmere through the artistic and technical design skill of co-founder and creative director, Hadas Saar. Naadam Studio utilizes advanced weaving and stitching techniques not found in our standard line of products, allowing for more modern and fashion-forward women's silhouettes. Naadam Studio can be found exclusively at fine retailers including Bloomingdales, Revolve, Shopbop, and Anthropologie.
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About Hadas Saar Naadam Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Naadam Studio is designed for the modern, independent woman - romantic and passionate, with a quiet and artistic confidence that reflects modern day femininity.
"Independent women with passion for fashion are my muses and foundation for my collections."
This results in effortless-looking designs that are the product of intense and nuanced work. With its modern luxury flair, a Naadam Studio garment is known for its exceptional comfort, softness, and innovative use of textures.
Like everything else Naadam does, Naadam Studio believes in designing ethical, luxury fashion using innovation to redefine sustainability. Stewardship of the natural resources and herders that we rely on to harvest the world's fairest cashmere is central to our mission and business practices. Wearing a Naadam Studio garment means you're supporting a 1000 year old tradition and the growth of sustainable practices to ensure the highest quality cashmere remains long into the future.
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