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Addiction Support T-Shirt

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Calling all you 90s kids. We dare (wink, wink) you to try our limited edition t-shirt that warns us of the risks of Naadam's super-soft, sustainable cashmere. While many have called our cashmere addictive, we at NAADAM take substance abuse seriously. That's why we are donating to Shatterproof a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization revolutionizing addiction treatment, transforming the healthcare system through improved access to quality treatment that's based on science, and empowering communities to end the stigma of addiction.

Added Bonus: Spend $200 or more in the month of April and score a free t-shirt with code: DARE, and we will donate $20.00 to Shatterproof for every t-shirt we give away. And remember: Don't do Cashmere. It's Addictive. 

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