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BisonShield Hooded Ultralight Jacket

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Sustainability is hot. Rated for 0 to 40 degrees, this sporty jacket will carry you through all of your outdoor winter activities. BisonShield™ Insulation enables us and our friends at United by Blue to make upcycled products that combat waste and help to rehabilitate the land through regenerative agriculture.
The Material

The Material

Bison Shield™ is the sustainable solution you (probably) didn’t know existed. We’ve partnered with United By Blue to bring you an innovative and sustainable way to stay warm without the weight and bulk of a traditional winter coat. And when we say “warm,” we mean really warm, rated for 0 to 40 degrees. Bison Shield Insulation mixes the fibers that keep bison warm in the snow with wool or recycled polyester. While we’re partial to goats, our bison friends are part of regenerative agriculture which means we’re willing to stray for the sake of sustainability.

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