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Soft Stuff Tote
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Soft Stuff Tote


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Natural with Black

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Made entirely from pre-consumer recycled cotton, this tote conserves natural resources by repurposing materials. Leftover cotton gets sorted by color, broken down into raw fiber and spun into yarn. Use it to carry your sustainable cashmere or just about anything else.  Learn more

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Size Details

  • Width: 16 1/2"; Height: 15 1/2"
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Care Instructions

Lay Flat to Dry icon Lay Flat to Dry

Machine Wash icon Machine Wash Cold

Cotton Cashmere

The Material

100% Recycled Cotton

To recycle cotton our supplier needs to assort, shred and spin. Cotton materials get sorted by colors, broken down by machines to get raw fiber, and spun into yarn. We love that this process conserves natural resources used in cotton farming.

Select an attribute to learn more

Handfeel More Info
We describe how soft or texturized the fabric is against your skin.


Breathability Icon

Breathability More Info
Fabrics with this quality are able to transmit moisture through the material, keeping you warm in the cold and cool in the warmer temperatures.


Wrinkle Icon

Wrinkle Free More Info
Wrinkle Free
Natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, and silk contain properties that resist wrinkles when the fabric is taken care of properly.


Odor Icon

Odor Blocking More Info
Odor Blocking
Some odors tend to "stick" or absorb easier into certain fabrics. Fabrics that have odor blocking properties won't absorb any unwanted smells.


Weight Icon

Weight More Info
How dense or thin the fabric feels. Our fabrics range from featherlight to very heavyweight.

Medium weight

Care Icon

Care More Info
How to care for your garment. We always recommend the gentlest treatement possible, and folding instead of hanging your garments.

Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron on print shell.

Gauges Icon

Gauges More Info
The term "gauges" is a measurement used when referring to the stitching in knitwear. A smaller gauge will result in a sweater with a tighter stitch, while a larger gauge will result in a sweater with a looser stitch.


Pilling Icon

Pilling More Info
The natural fibers in wool and cashmere tend to slough off while wearing ‐ this is what we call "pilling." Over time this process helps the fabric get even softer. We suggest pairing our cashmere sweaters with our cashmere de-pilling comb.

No pilling here!

The Origin

Guangdong Province


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Soft Stuff Tote

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