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Mongolian goats and herderMongolian goats and herder

Mongolia Needs
Our Help

We’re donating 10% of proceeds from every Original Cashmere Sweater to the SFA Disaster Relief Fund.

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Mongolia is experiencing one of its deadliest winters in history.

It’s called a “dzud”. And this one is worse than ever. Frozen grasslands, lack of food, and deadly temperatures (think -50 degrees) have left herding families fighting to survive. The livestock death toll has reached 6 million — a number that only continues to rise.
Naadam founders in Mongolia Naadam founders in Mongolia

To us, it’s personal.

Over a decade ago, fate led our co-founders to the middle of the Mongolian Gobi Desert. Their hosts were a community of herders who welcomed the travelers into their homes — sharing traditions, livelihoods, and hospitality. It was this experience that led to the creation of NAADAM: a way to give back by sourcing cashmere directly from our herder friends at an equitable price.

Mongolia landscapeMongolia landscape

Help for Our Herders

We’ve already donated to the SFA Disaster Relief Fund.
But there’s more work to be done.

Show Your Support

10% of Proceeds from Every Original Cashmere Sweater

Through April 7, we’re donating 10% of proceeds from every Original Cashmere Sweater to the SFA Disaster Relief Fund to aid Mongolian herders.

Cashmere sweaters Cashmere sweaters
Naadam founders in MongoliaNaadam founders in Mongolia

Why It Matters

Sustainability and community
are at our core.

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