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Since NAADAM was founded in 2013, we've been committed to transparency, ethical practices, cultural preservation and environmental sustainability.

We’ve always wanted to find ways to do things better. We’ve launched our second annual Social and Environmental Impact Report to share our 2020 progress on our goals for people, product, planet and progress through 2025.


We Pay It Forward

High-quality and affordable. By working directly with our herders, we are able to pay them substantially more and you pay less for the world's best cashmere.


We Are Hands-On

Responsible and cruelty-free. From hand combing to providing veterinary care, we promote ethical conditions for the animals behind our raw materials.


We Make Clothes with a Conscience

We work to protect the planet through anti-desertification programs, local nonprofit work and supplier partnerships committed to ethical and environmental standards.

Our 2025 Goals

Here's what we're working to achieve by 2025.

Sheep herder in Mongolia Sheep herder in Mongolia
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  • •  Ensure living wages across our
    supply chain
  • •  Hold primary suppliers accountable for social and environmental performance
  • •  Meaningfully invest in Mongolian
    herder communities
  • •  Support supplier and factory communities with
    responsible integration of
    new technology
  • •  Make NAADAM a great place to work
Spool of green cashmere


  • •  Use traceable, renewable and
    recycled materials
  • •  Promote ethical conditions for animals behind
    our raw materials
  • •  Embrace circular design principles to create
    high-quality products that can be used as long
    as possible
  • •  Embed social and environmental responsibility
    into each product from beginning to end
Naadam Cashmere Products Naadam Cashmere Products
Planet Earth Herd of sheep
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  • •  Go carbon neutral by reducing emissions,
    investing in offsets and prioritizing
    renewable energy
  • •  Reduce our packaging and switch to
    sustainable alternatives
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  • •  Drive industry change by being open and honest along the way
Progress Naadam Co-Founders