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Quality, sustainable fibers

100% Cashmere

Exactly what it says it is. Our pure, 100% cashmere is both heavenly soft and sustainable. We source premium, raw cashmere fibers and spin them together to create yarn strong enough to knit into versatile, heirloom-quality wardrobe essentials.

Fancy Cashmere

Fancy Cashmere is the material of choice for our Elevated Essentials Collection. Crafted from extra-fine, 100% cashmere on top-of-the-line Italian machinery, it’s our lightest, finest, smoothest knit to date. Perfect for all-season wear, this lightweight cashmere is naturally moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and versatile.

Modal Cashmere

Modal Cashmere is a buttery-soft, body-hugging fabric that is the perfect elevated basic. To craft it, we blend a hint of premium cashmere with modal: a sustainable fiber made from beech trees. Modal is exceptionally breathable, retains its shape wear after wear, and resists pilling, fading, and wrinkling – all while using 10% less water than cotton.

Chunky Modal Cashmere

Luxuriously textured yet light enough for the warmer months, Chunky Modal Cashmere is made by spinning modal – a buttery-soft material made from tree pulp – with premium cotton and a hint of cashmere for softness. The result is a soft, durable, and breathable knit that’s fit for all-year wear.

Luxe Cashmere

Our Luxe Cashmere Collection is made up of our softest, plushest, and most elevated knits. We make these luxurious, extra-thick sweaters deceptively affordable by cutting out the middlemen and sourcing high-quality cashmere directly from Mongolian herding communities.


Our signature Cashmino knits are made from a warm, wool-cashmere blend that combines naturally-insulating merino wool with premium, brushed cashmere. These cozy, textured pieces are shockingly soft and perfect for the cooler months.


Naia™ is a smooth, breathable, sustainable material that feels silky against the skin, but is slightly more substantial than our Fancy Cashmere. To create it, wood pulp is sourced from responsibly-managed forests and treated with environmentally-sound, OEKO-TEX certified chemicals to transform it into a soft fiber. Naia™ is made in a closed-loop process, where 97% of the solvents and water are recovered and recycled.

Silk Cashmere

Combining the luxe, breathable properties of silk with the unmatched softness of cashmere, our Silk Cashmere Capsule might be our most luxurious blend yet. Naturally lightweight, breathable, and thermally-regulating, these pieces are perfect for comfortable yet elevated day-to-night wear.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is soft, breathable, and regenerative fiber that’s produced without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. In addition to sustainability, clothes made from organic cotton are found to be softer, higher quality, and more durable. We craft our organic cotton tees with a special, peach-brushed finish that makes them softer with every wear.

Café Cotton Cashmere

Café Cotton knits are soft, lightweight, and exceptionally breathable – perfect for active, on-the-go days. One of our most innovative materials, Café Cotton combines recycled coffee grounds, lightweight cotton, and premium cashmere to create a first-of-its-kind blend that’s odor-controlling, moisture-wicking, and UV-protecting.

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