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Goats and herders in Mongolia
Goats and herders in Mongolia
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Our Mission

NAADAM goes straight to the source of the world’s best cashmere, Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, and works directly with herders to bring you high-quality, sustainable and unbelievably soft knitwear at prices that are fair for them — and for you.

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Our Story

NAADAM was founded in 2013 by Matthew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus. The college friends traveled to remote parts of the Mongolian Gobi Desert, became friends with the local herders and saw first-hand how traditional cashmere traders and brokers drive up prices and take the profits. By cutting out these middlemen, Matt and Diederik realized they could pay their herder friends more while selling premium-quality clothes for less.

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What’s Next

Sustainable and ethical business practices have been a part of NAADAM since day 1. Check out our first annual Social and Environmental Impact Report.

Goats in Mongolia

The NAADAM Difference

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We Pay It Forward

By working directly with our herders, we are able to pay them substantially more and you pay less for the world's best cashmere.

We Are Hands-On

From hand combing to providing veterinary care, we promote ethical conditions for the animals behind our raw materials.

We Make Cashmere With A Conscience

We give back through nonprofit work with the Gobi Revival Fund and have set up a clean water source, a livestock insurance program and a park for the local community to gather, play and for other forms of commerce to thrive.

We're In It For The Long Haul

100% of our materials come from renewable or recycled sources. We use finer, longer cashmere fibers that create high quality products. They're made to last.

We Graze the Bar

Sometimes, goats bite off more than they can chew (don't we all). Overgrazing is an environmental problem, so we've fenced off an area the size of Manhattan to prevent grasslands desertification. Over 10,000 goats get the food they need.

We Take It Personally

We know our partners. We only work with suppliers who meet our Code of Conduct standards, have documented labor and environmental certifications and pay workers fairly.

We Pack Light

We've shifted to more sustainable packaging solutions from 100% pre-consumer Forest Stewardship Council- certified recycled paper for inserts and hangtags to 100% recycled plastic with non-toxic chemicals that biodegrade faster for our mailers and bags.

We Give Back

Naadam Bogd Fund is a Mongolian based NGO founded by Naadam and our local sourcing partners KhanBogd to support Nomadic herding communities. We donate 10% of proceeds from items on our sale page to the Naadam Bogd Fund, our non-profit partnership with KHANBOGD. Through our non-profit work we fund the work of veterinarians and breeding specialists. By keeping our goats happy and healthy, we promote financial security and sustainability while preserving culture.

Our Soft Scale for Soft Stuff

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The softer the better, amiright? With a luscious, luxurious hand-feel, this blend is durable but still gets cozier with every wear. In other words, things are only going to get more comfortable from here (and that’s always a good thing).

Our Soft Materials

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Very Soft

Guaranteed to be softer than anything else you already own, this blend is for people who like being cozy and comfortable (so, basically everyone). With a hand-feel that’s extra warm and fuzzy, don’t be surprised if you never want to take it off.

Our Very Soft Materials

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Silky Soft

Talk about living up to your name. This blend is for those who love buttery-soft cashmere but prefer to keep things lighter and more breathable. Remarkably silky with a smooth finish, this blend floats down the body like a cloud.

Our Silky Soft Materials

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Heavenly Soft

Is that a halo we see? You bet it is. This is the ultimate, buttery soft cashmere that’s quite literally, out of this world. Don’t blame us if you start getting random compliments or receiving lingering pats on the back from strangers. Yeah, it’s that soft.

Our Heavenly Soft Materials

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Softest Ever

WARNING: It doesn’t get any softer than this. We used a proprietary yarn-spinning process that injects air into our knits to make them inexplicably cozy. Don’t believe us? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine you’re cuddling with a baby goat. Got it? Yeah, we told you so.

Our Softest Ever Materials

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