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Fancy Cashmere

Lightweight, luxurious, 100% cashmere

Flat lay of Fancy Cashmere collection
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How It’s Made

When we say fancy AF, we mean fancy AF. Our most luxurious material yet, our fancy collection is made of 16 gauge, 100% cashmere. Making this delicate cashmere right is really hard to do and has only been seen in the fanciest designer brands - until now. Finer and longer than typical cashmere, 16 gauge cashmere requires best-in-class machinery and extreme human supervision. It's so fancy in fact, it takes our craftspeople over 8 hours to knit together just two to three pieces. Incredibly lightweight, well-knit to prevent pilling, it's fancy AF.

Why It's Different

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Fancy AF

Incredibly soft, lightweight and luxurious, the ultra fine quality of our Fancy cashmere is typically only found at fancy AF brands - at fancy AF prices.

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10,000 Hours

We upgraded to the best Italian machinery and spent over 10,000 hours to bring you the NAADAM fancy collection.

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About a $100 Bucks

When we set out to make fancy Italian cashmere sweaters at a fraction of the price, they told us, “Fuh-Goat-Aboutit.” Well guess what? Here they are.

Fancy Cashmere collection

How It's Done

The fancy collection is made from 16 gauge cashmere. Gauge refers to how tightly an item is knitted. Higher gauge = loose, softer and less pilling.

The industry standard for cashmere is 7 to 12 gauges. 16 gauge cashmere is almost impossible to make correctly, which is why it’s typically only ever used by the fanciest designer brands.

At NAADAM, we source our cashmere sustainably from Mongolia and send to our state-of-the-art spinning facility in China.

We upgraded to the latest, top-of-the-line Italian machinery to bring you our 16 gauge Fancy cashmere for about a $100 bucks.

Fancy Cashmere collection

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