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Fancy AF

Light, luxurious, 100% cashmere staples.

Fancy AF

Who’s the Finest of Them All?

It’s Fancy Cashmere. Finer and lighter than typical cashmere, Fancy Cashmere requires best-in-class machinery, extreme human supervision, and artisanal hand linking to bring to life. It’s silky-soft, luxuriously-lightweight, and typically only found at fancy AF brands for fancy AF prices — that is, until we stepped in.

Fancy Talk

Fancy Talk

Fancy Cashmere is made of 16 gauge, 100% cashmere — that’s industry speak for super-fine, tightly-knit cashmere with a light and silky feel.

To put it in perspective, most cashmere is 7 to 12 gauges. Where low gauge cashmere is thick, soft, and plushy, high gauge cashmere is light, smooth, and silky. 16 gauge = finer yarn, closer knitting, and less pilling (i.e. fancy AF).

16 gauge cashmere is almost impossible to make correctly, which is why it’s typically only used by fancy designer brands. But we go straight to the source of the world’s finest cashmere and work with state-of-the-art spinning facilities to bring you Fancy Cashmere the NAADAM way.

Fancy Cashmere collection


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