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Half goat, half human, we are on a mission to share the world’s fairest cashmere.

Woman in Goat Mask wearing Luxe Collection

What The Heck Are Goat People?

Here at NAADAM, we’re herding in sustainable cashmere. Call us unconventional, eccentric, or even crazy, but the rumors you’ve heard circulating are true. We, the goat people, know the world’s fairest cashmere when we feel it, and we’re here to bring it to you.

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We Pay It Forward

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We Put Our Heart Into It

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We Make Clothes with a Conscience

Man and Woman in Goat Mask wearing Essential Cashmere Sets

Cashmere for Everyday

Like many of us goat people, your daily routine may seem simple. Why not elevate your day-to-day with 100% cashmere? The Essentials Collection keeps up with you and keeps you looking and feeling put-together (no matter how mundane the moment). These styles are perfect for daily wear and staying comfortable whether you’re inside or out. Discover Essentials for your everyday life.


Man and Woman in Goat Head wearing $75 Cashmere Sweater in Amethyst Purple

Cashmere for the G.O.A.T, Only $98

We get it, there's nothing better than getting cashmere at a fraction of the price, which is why our O.G. staple was made for you- and always only $98! You know who you are and what you want, and you know a good buy when you see it. Shop this go-to style in men's and women's fits, extended sizing from XXS to XXL, and 28 colors (yes, you read that right.) Name something better for $98- we'll wait.


Cashmere for Luxe Life

Cashmere for Luxe Life

For the one who lives in luxury, look no further. Our Luxe styles have elevated detailing and textures that are perfect for everything from dinner parties at home to travels abroad. They’re thicker, warmer, and contain even more super-soft cashmere, so you can be the most stylish and comfortable person in the room. You’ll turn (goat) heads everywhere you go. Sip your scotch and warm up to The Luxe Collection.


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