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Recycled Cashmere

70% Recycled Cashmere
30% Virgin Cashmere

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How It’s Made

Most recycled cashmere sucks. It’s not much better for the planet because most brands use sketchy yarn they buy from other companies. We think that’s BS so we use our own leftover yarn and fabric scraps to close the loop on our cashmere production. We’re good the first time but we’re even better the second time.

Why It's Different

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It's Recycled

As you probably gathered from the name, our recycled cashmere is in fact, recycled. No excess waste here!

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Transparency is Key

Because we use our own scraps and leftovers, we know exactly where the cashmere comes from. Nothing goes to waste which means it feels as good as it actually is for the environment.

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It's Certified

Our recycled cashmere is so good, it’s Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified. That means our production is verified on a social, environmental and chemical level.

How It’s Done

How It’s Done

We tap our factories for any leftover scraps of yarn that otherwise would have been thrown away.

Once we collect enough excess material, we use a machine to break it down into yarn and spin it into virgin cashmere.

The result? The softest, most sustainable cashmere styles on earth, ready and waiting for you.

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