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Luxe Merino
Wool Cashmere

82% Merino Wool, 18% Cashmere

Luxe Merino<br>Wool Cashmere

How It’s Made

Our Luxe Merino Wool Cashmere is air-spun for a lightweight, voluminous feel that’s about as soft as it gets. Instead of spinning our cashmere the old-fashioned way, we take wool and cashmere fibers and quite literally, air-blow them together.

Why It's Different

It’s Totally Tubular

Air-spun cashmere allows our fabric to feel 35% lighter than your average conventionally spun yarn—even when using the same yarn count!

Brushing is a Must

We fluff our cashmere to new heights using a special brushing process for added softness.

It’s Made to Mix and Match

Our Luxe Merino Wool Cashmere is designed to coordinate as much or as little as you like. It’s incredibly soft, at a sharp price you can’t beat.

How It’s Done
How It’s Done

After we combine our luxurious extra fine merino and cashmere fibers into one twisted tube, it goes through a special brushing process that gives it that fluffy feel you know and love.

The yarn is then spun on an Italian-made, state-of-the-art PAFA machine. Everything is more luxe in Europe and this process is no exception. It’s a delicate and lengthy process that requires attention to every little detail, which in turn makes our Luxe Merino Wool Cashmere that much more special.

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