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Merino Cashmere

90% Wool, 10% Cashmere

Merino Cashmere Lace Up Sneakers
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How It’s Made

Our wool cashmere woven material was designed specifically to bring softness and functionality to your feet. We lined this shoe with 100% Cotton for added comfort and used Bloom™ insole.

Why It's Different

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Bloom™ Technology

Instead of the conventional chemical-ridden shoe base, we’ve partnered with Bloom™ to incorporate an algae-based foam that’s made to work with nature, not against it.

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Pep In Your Step

Incredibly soft yet durable, our new merino cashmere blend is the perfect mix of form and function. Your feet will thank you, trust us.

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Street Cred

Not only are our new shoes good for the environment, they’re a NAADAM first! By buying them, you’re helping us kick off a whole new category.

Merino Cashmere Lace Up Sneakers

How It’s Done

Our supplier repurposes leftover polyester from factories by gathering, sorting, processing and spinning it into recycled yarn. 

Our recycled yarn is then used to weave together and craft our super soft sneakers and slippers. 

Next up, we partner with Bloom™ to create sustainable insoles and algae-based foam soles.

Our shoes are a result of natural innovation. By giving back to the environment, your feet (and the planet) are a little bit happier. 

NAADAM Shoe Collection

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