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Reversible Cashmere

Make them do a double take

Models wearing the Reversible Cashmere Hoodie and Crewneck Sweater
100% Mongolian Cashmere goat icon

How It’s Made

Our Reversible Cashmere is made from the ultimate lightweight weave. With only one ply, it’s designed to have a looser, more comfortable feel—making it not only more relaxed in feel but also in silhouette.

Flat lay of the Reversible Cashmere sweaters

Why It's Different

With a completely removable tag, closed loop stitching, and exposed seam details, this sweater is equal parts classic and cool. Every side is sewn by hand to ensure every side is its good side.

Models wearing the Reversible Cashmere Crewneck Sweaters

How It's Done

After hand-brushing our goats in Mongolia, we spin raw cashmere fibers to create yarn strong enough to knit. We finish the seams by fully fashioning the sweater for the cleanest seams you’ve ever seen. Plus when you fully fashion the sweaters you are essentially knitting the patterns for each piece of the garment which is a 0 waste process - super sustainable!

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